Eric Holder as Attorney General

It has not been made official by Obama’s Transition office, but all accounts are that former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder will be nominated to serve as Attorney General.  It is a solid choice; a close advisor to Obama who served on the Veep search committee and was deputy to Janet Reno the last several years of the Clinton Administration.  I would assume some on the right might try to attack his role in the Elian Gonzalez affair, though if the worst they can accuse an AG nominee of is trying to uphold the law, that’s not a bad thing.  Before that he earned his battle stars by successfully prosecuting former House Ways & Means Chairman Dan Rostinkowski, a Democrat from Chicago in every sense of the term “D-Chicago”.  As I have eluded to in the past, each new Administration usually has at least one cabinet appointment cut down by the Senate, so no one can be certain, but I doubt Republicans will pick their fight here.  He should pass fairly easily and be our country’s first African American AG.


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