Steelers Get Critical Win

And in historical fashion, becoming the first game in NFL history to end 11-10 (eventually).  I say eventually, as the officials spent entirely too much time sorting out the last play of the game when the only people who care were in Las Vegas.  They decided there was an illegal incomplete forward pass before Polamula scooped up a loose ball and took it to the end zone.  I don’t think that was the right call, but I refuse to spend too much brain power on that play, as once the Chargers weren’t scoring the game was over.  The Steelers dominated this game but it was a nailbiter due to a massive disparity in penalties.  The Chargers were called for one 5 yarder (another foul not on the books b/c it offset) and the Steelers I think ended with 13 for over 100 yards.  Some where correct, like the holding call on McHugh that made the winning FG attempt a bit longer, and some were a load of bovine excrement, like the pass interference that set up the Chargers for their touchdown.  Either way, I’ll take it as it moves the Steelers to 7-3 and they regain a full game lead on Baltimore who got handled earlier in the day by the Giants.  Now lets hope they take care of business against 1-8-1 Cincinnati Thursday night before games that don’t look as tough as they did when the schedule came out, but are still by no means easy; at New England on 11/30 and home w/ Dallas on 12/7.


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