A Logistical Conundrum

Its one I have honestly pondered before, but now that the Giants and Jets are both leading their divisions, The New York Times decided to write an article on what the NFL could do if the Giants and Jets were the two hosts for the conference championship games:


The article seems to suggest the NFL hasn’t already pondered this to a great extent, which Ifind a bit surprising.  I would’ve thought they would’ve had a plan sitting somewhere just in case.  The league avoided the headache of what to do if both host teams were on the West Coast when they left the 12:30 & 4:15pm kickoff schedule for the 3 & 6:30pm one they use now.    Given the bye week before the Super Bowl, I think the thing to do would be to move one of the games to Monday night.  Better to give one team long rest from Saturday to Monday than give one team short rest from Sunday to Saturday.  One option the article doesn’t even address would be to force one of the teams to “host” their game at a neutral site like Foxboro or Philadelphia.  But I’m sure the NFL would prefer to not go there.   In any event, it would be a headache to be sure.


2 Responses to “A Logistical Conundrum”

  1. Kevin Snyder Says:


    Both teams hosted the single Wild Card game in 1985. The AFC game was played on Saturday with the NFC game on Sunday — don’t remember of course whether this was the original schedule or not.

  2. buckeyenewshawk Says:

    It was not the original schedule. In those years when it was 5 teams per conference yielding a wildcard game, it was usually a doubleheader on Sunday. I neglected to mention it in my original post, but Kevin is correct to point out the 1985 scenario where the Pats/Jets and 49ers/Giants were the two wildcard games. They moved the Jets game to Saturday late afternoon and then played the Giants Sunday early afternoon.

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