Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

No one in the Obama or Clinton camp’s are talking, but that is the rampant media speculation.  Its an interesting thought, and I would certainly prefer her in that post than John Kerry, which has also been rumored.  Also an interesting twist on paralleling this election with how The West Wing concluded; just Obama/Santos giving the SoS post to Clinton/Russell instead of McCain/Vinnick.

Speaking of McCain, if I were Obama I would at least toy with the idea of asking McCain to join the Cabinet as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  Failing him, that post could also be a good way to solve The Joe Lieberman Problem, but putting a full fledgled Republican in the Cabinet would be a good move for unity purposes.  I would also be tempted were I him to see if Christine Whitman would like to take another crack at heading the EPA, this time under a President that actually cares about the environment (while not necessarily caring to the at all costs extent that Greenpeace does).  It would irritate liberals some, but they can be mollified by a liberal Attorney General and Supreme Court nominee should an opening arise (Buckeyenewshawk fully expects John Paul Stevens to retire in the next year).

At any rate, the next month or two will tell.  Oftentimes, media speculation, especially early speculation, on cabinet picks proves erroneous.


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