3 Senate Races Still Too Close To Call

Just checked the latest figures at cnn.com.  Incredibly, in Alaska, the Democrat (Begich) has gone ahead of Senator Felon, err, Senator Ted Stevens, by 3 votes.  No, I don’t mean 3%.  I actually mean 3 votes.  125,019 for Begich and 125,016 for Stevens w/ 100% of precincts reporting.  Stay tuned on that one.  Makes the Minnesota race look like a blowout; Democratic challenger Al Franken trails incumbent Republican Norm Coleman by 206 votes out of almost 3M cast.  And in Georgia Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss is sitting right on the 50% fence that would allow him to avoid a runoff and go straight back to Capitol Hill.  Buckeyenewshawk assumes Chambliss would win a runoff with fewer Obama voters returning to the polls in December, but I’m sure he would like to avoid the headache.

Electoral College vote is largely settled, though the fate of Missouri is still in the air.  Obama’s win is comfortable, though, so its not being scrutinized in quite the same way Florida was 8 years ago.


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