NFL Playoff Picture After Week 10

I will do some more in-depth analysis later, most likely this time tomorrow.  In the meantime, here are the actual positional figures, starting with the AFC:

1. Tennessee, 2. Pittsburgh (divisional h2h w/ BAL & 5-1 conference wrt NE), 3. New England (divisional h2h w/ NYJ & 4-3 conference wrt PIT), 4. Denver, 5. Baltimore (6-3 conference wrt NYJ), 6. New York (4-3 conference wrt BAL) at 6-3

1 game back of 6th: 7.Indianapolis, 8.Miami (3rd in East), 9.Buffalo (4th in East

2 games back of 6th: 10.San Diego, 11.Jacksonville

3 games back of 6th and backs to wall: 12.Cleveland, 13.Houston

4 games back and living on a prayer: 14.Oakland

5 games back waiting for 2009: 15.Kansas City, 16.Cincinnati

And in the NFC:

1. New York, 2. Carolina, 3. Arizona, 4. Chicago (divisional h2h wrt Minnesota), 5 & 6. Washington & Tampa (both 5-2 in conference) at 6-3

Tied for 6th: 7.Atlanta (3rd in South divisional h2h tiebreaking w/ Tampa & 4-3 conference record wrt WASH)

1 game back of 6th: 8.Minnesota (tied for div lead), 9.Dallas (3rd in East wrt Philly divisional h2h), 10.Philadelphia

2 games back of 6th: 11.Green Bay (1 game back in div), 12.New Orleans

3 games back of 6th: no one

4 games back of 6th & of leader in West on critical condition: 13.Seattle, 14.San Francisco, 15.St. Louis

Currently “on the clock”: 16.Detroit


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