Pat McNicol Out as Potter Head Coach

Old news, his resignation letter was accepted at last Thursday evening’s school board meeting, but I have been busy with other things.  Hallelujah!  I am glad that he chose to fall on his own sword rather than try to fight his dismissal, as that would’ve been ugly just to come to the same result.  Or he would’ve won the fight and remained coach, which would’ve been worse.  I wanted him out long before the player pay scandal broke because, as I have written before, he’s not a very good coach.

I am willing to accept his letter and move on, but he did say a couple things in said letter that just don’t pass the smell test.  He claims to’ve not realized that you couldn’t pay players; he thought you could so long as it stayed below the $200 threshold set for the value of gifts, awards, and the like.  I would hope someone would not be that naive.  Also, he said he was never given a copy of the OHSAA bylaws???  Not only would I assume that every member school has that booklet somewhere that one of their coaches would certainly be more than welcome to read, but I’m pretty sure its not hard to find online if one looks for it.  Oh well, he’s just trying to make himself sound as good as possible, and I can’t blame him for that.

Now thoughts can fully turn to who to bring in to replace him.  I for one would be all for giving Al Johnson the gig if he wants it.  Failing that, maybe someone should see if Jim Tsilimos wants to get back into head coaching a year after leaving Lisbon.  Or the coach at Malvern; I went to the playoff game Friday night at Patterson Field and was very impressed with the Hornets play.  On a lark, maybe Frank Dawson could get his old friend and fellow Potter alum Lou Holtz on the phone and see if he wants one last coaching job.  Frankly, I’m not too picky about that.  I just want someone that will come in and get the kids to play hard, play fundamentally sound football, and be put in positions where they can succeed.  If you do that, the wins will take care of themselves.


2 Responses to “Pat McNicol Out as Potter Head Coach”

  1. K. Campbell Says:

    You’re an idiot that didn’t even bother to take time to research, meet or attempt to have a conversation with Pat! Isn’t that what a journalist is supposed to do!! In doing so, you would have been educated on the reality of what was actually swirling around in the cesspool of East Liverpool.

  2. buckeyenewshawk Says:

    Well, K. Campbell, I’m not and wasn’t a journalist, just a person that was discussing his opinion. But I’m always happy to have someone stumble across my blog. Even posts that were written over 4 years ago!

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