Bowling Green Bashes Bobcats

28-3 was the final score at OU’s Peden Stadium on a blustery and gray November afternoon.  Ohio’s offense was completely inert.  They moved the ball to the BG 35 on their first possession of the game before a Boo Jackson interception killed the drive and led to BG’s first score on a 41 yard TD drive.  And OU moved the ball to start the 2nd half before stalling inside the 5 yard line and taking a chip shot field goal to make it 14-3 BG at that point.  The Falcons then drove back down the field and finished their drive to go up 21-3 and effectively end the game.  BG got another score at the end of the 3rd quarter set up by another OU interception to end the scoring.  BG has to win out to have any realistic shot at winning the East, and it got off to a good start yesterday.  Given that Miami lost midweek, the Falcons, absurdly, don’t even need much help to win the East division at 5-3.  They need Akron to lose one of their remaining games.  I’m not sure on all the tiebreaking permutations; they might also need Temple to lose again.  Buffalo is ahead of them in the standings, but they can take care of that at Doyt Perry Stadium on Friday the 21st, which is their next game.  I guess we’ll sit back and see what happens, but someone is going to win the MAC East.  I just hope, quite frankly, that unless the winner of the East pulls the upset in the MAC-C, that Ball St., Central Michigan, and Western Michigan all get bowl bids ahead of anyone in the East.  But we’ll see how things play out.


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