Patterson Field to Host Regional Semifinal Friday Night

A DVI R23 matchup between Shadyside and Malvern, the 2nd and 3rd seeds in the region.  Predictably, some on JJHuddle took the opportunity to trash the facility and the parking.  Of course, the parking complaints come in large part from people in Steubenville that think that charging $3 to put your car in the parking lot of Kroger’s is adequate parking.  At any rate, I’m happy that East Liverpool will be hosting the game and welcome the fans of both teams.  I hope as many Potter players as possible go to the game so they can see football being played well.

As for the fans, its a pretty easy drive for Shadyside; a straight shot of 55 or so miles north on Rt 7.  Less straightforward for Malvern, though the drive time should be about the same.  I would suggest taking 183 to Minerva to pick up Rt 30.  Those fans will want to exit 30/7/11 at the Wellsville (Rt 7) exit and Patterson Field will be immediately on their left.  Aside from the concession stands, the best food option would be the Dairy Queen next door.  It is full menu and full dining area.  Also the Hot Dog Shoppe is located a few blocks away downtown at 4th & Market St.  Shadyside fans will pass a McDonald’s and Pizza Hut off the Lisbon St exit in Wellsville, and Malvern fans will pass basically everything at the Calcutta exit off of Rt 11.

Good luck to both teams!


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