Instant Classic

Between Texas and Texas Tech has just concluded.  It was all TTU early before Texas stormed back to take a 33-32 lead with 1:31 remaining.  Which is an eternity for the Red Raider offense to get in field goal range.  But an incredible play by Crabtree gave them the winning TD with 1 second remaining and drops the Longhorns from the ranks of the unbeaten.

It will be interesting to see how the polls, and more importantly, the BCS, shake out tomorrow.  I assume that Alabama and Penn St will be 1-2, but I hope Texas Tech moves up to at least 3rd.  Quite frankly, after watching that team, I think they are probably better than both ‘Bama and PSU.  I knew they could pitch the ball all over the lot.  But they have an effective power counter running game and a good defense.  This team is for real.  If they are still behind one loss Florida (I know they pounded Georgia in The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party) I’ll be very disappointed in the system.  Of course, Texas Tech will be fine if they keep winning games; if nothing else someone would lose an Alabama v Florida SEC Championship Game.  Sets up an interesting last 4 weeks either way, that is for sure.

One thing that disappointed me about Texas Tech was their fans storming the field with 1 second remaining.  And then storming the field again after the play was reviewed to confirm Crabtree stayed in bounds to the end zone and there was still 1 second remaining.  I don’t mind them storming the field per se; this game was definitely worthy of field storming.  I just wish the folks in Lubbock knew how to read a clock to see there was still a second left.  Their team ended up kicking off from the 7.5 yard line because the fans in Lubbock don’t know how to read a clock.  They might want to learn that skill.


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