NFL Coverage Maps for Pittsburgh/Youngstown/Wheeling Area for Week 9

There is no variation between those 3 markets this coming weekend.  All 3 CBS affiliates will show Baltimore @ Cleveland 1pm with Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon on the call.  Fox at 1pm will have Green Bay @ Tennessee with Kenny Albert, Moose, and Goose (note the blackout in Cleveland opposite the Browns being at home does not affect the Youngstown secondary market; in Cleveland Fox comes on air at 4pm with the end of a 1pm game).  Fox has the doubleheader game again this Sunday with all area markets getting the featured game of Dallas @ NY Giants with Joe Buck (assuming the World Series is not delayed further) and Troy Aikman.  Sunday Night football sees John Madden get back in the saddle alongside Al Michaels for the traditional midseason New England @ Indianapolis game and Monday Night Football is Pittsburgh @ Washington.  As always, info subject to change, courtesy of, and enjoy the games!

*Authors note: While this column has traditionally been written on Tuesday nights, it will almost certainly be delayed next week as Buckeyenewshawk will be in Election Night mode.  This information should be posted by Wednesday or Thursday evening next week.*

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