Rainy Night in Philadelphia

As I type it is 10:42pm and I was just about to complain heavily about MLB not halting Game 5 of the World Series because of foul weather and field conditions in Philadelphia.  But then the commercial break ended and revealed them pulling a tarp over the field.  Which is good, and also VERY fortunate for the Rays that they got the game tied in the top of the inning.  Of course, I’m sure Phillies fans wonder if the weather in any way helped Tampa scored that run.

In any event, its halted and looking at the radar I don’t see any possible way to conclude this game tonight.  As per MLB rules revised last year, this is a suspended game if it is not finished tonight it will be resumed with the bottom of the 6th inning tomorrow time TBD.  And, it should be noted, the weather forecast for tomorrow is not promising either.  Didn’t quite make it back to that nice warm and dry dome in Tampa fast enough.

***UPDATE*** Game has officially been suspended until Tuesday.  No resumption time, though I assume they’ll do it in primetime, especially since it is a potential clinching game.  I would assume people that held tickets for Game 5 will be allowed re-entry without further charge.  I will re-update if details become known before I go to bed for the night.

***UPDATE #2*** Game has officially been suspended until 8pm Tuesday on Fox, weather permitting, thus wiping away the scheduled off day before the series would shift to Tampa on Wednesday.  If they can’t play Tuesday night, then the whole series gets pushed back accordingly.  Hopefully the weather clears for a couple hours Tuesday night.  Now let the debating begin on whether this game should’ve been stopped sooner.


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