Potter Forfeits Cost Maple Heights A Playoff Spot

I was just glancing through all the final albeit unofficial numbers at Joe Eitel’s site.  Maple Heights finished 9th in R5 with a 16.8500 average.  Kent Roosevelt is 8th with a 17.6000 and Madison 7th with a 17.7000.  East Liverpool, who Maple Heights beat, had to forfeit wins over Linsly Academy, a WV school that translated to DVI for Ohio purposes and would’ve given Maple 3.5 Level 2 points, and John Marshall, a WV school that translated as DII and would’ve given Maple 5.5 Level 2 points.  Those 9.0 raw L2 points would’ve added 0.9 to their average, boosting it to 17.7500 and 7th place in their region.  Which all just really sucks for MHHS.  It was not their fault that the Potters coach was giving cash incentives to a couple players.  But because of those players were ineligible and played in the game so they have to forfeit; not sure it would be fair to treat those as wins for the Potters for Ohio playoff purposes.  I’m not sure anything is fair.  It just really blows chunks for Maple Heights that it works out this way.


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