Potters Win Finale at Salem

34-27 was the score behind a phenomenal night by Willie Leavell. The sophomore, who had played most of the season at quarterback, was moved to tailback under interim head coach Al Johnson and the coaching staff, and the move paid off handsomely. I don’t know offhand how many yards running he ended up with, but it must’ve been close to 350 yards, which I think would be a school single game rushing record. He had about 3 runs in the rough order of 50 yards and one 79 yarder, along with more garden variety carries. It was I thought easily the best game the Potters have played all season, and it was in a steady and at times heavy rain at Reilly Stadium. Perhaps a prime example of addition by subtraction not having Pat McNicol and his wallet on the sideline. The win means the Potters officially conclude the 2008 campaign 1-9 and it terms of on-field performance went 3-7. Now attention will turn to the process of officially terminating the contract of McNicol as coach (he had one year remaining) and finding a permanent replacement. Buckeyenewshawk would have no problem in promoting Al Johnson; he has been a football coach in the area for decades, is well respected and considered a leader in the community. Its not clear the extent to which he wants the job, though. And, a small part of me can’t help thinking that if Montour, PA could bring in Dick Butkus and ESPN for a season, why can’t East Liverpool bring in alumnus Lou Holtz? Just a thought.


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