Browns & Steelers Both Overreact; Suspend Star Players

In the case of Cleveland, they suspended tight end Kellen Winslow because he complained to the media about the way the Browns handled his recent bout of staph infection.  In the case of Pittsburgh, they today inactivated wide receiver Santonio Holmes after police cited him for pot possession; to be exact he was pulled over, his car smelled of marijuana, and he admitted to the cops that he had 3 blunts in the vehicle.  Personally, and while the NFL might end up disagreeing, but I have a hard time getting worked up over someone using a bit of the wacky weed.  Its just pot, not a dangerous drug.  As for Winslow, I can see why the Browns would be irked that he blabbed for the media like that.  But benching these players for such relatively minor infractions just strikes me as cutting of their noses to spite their faces.  Of course, the Giants won big without Plaxico Burress, so now other teams feel emboldened to do the same.


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