NFL Coverage Maps for Pittsburgh/Youngstown/Wheeling for Week 8

CBS is a split personality for the East Liverpool area.  KDKA Pittsburgh will show San Diego v New Orleans at London at 1pm, with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on the call.  WKBN Youngstown and WTRF Wheeling will both wait until 4:05pm to show Cleveland @ Jacksonville with Dick Enberg & Randy Cross on the call.  Fox has the doubleheader, and at 1pm all local markets are scheduled to show Tampa Bay @ Dallas with Kenny Albert, Moose, and Goose.  However, viewers in Pittsburgh should note that Fox 53 will pull out of early game coverage around 4:12pm so as to get in a commercial and the start of the Giants @ Pittsburgh game at 4:15pm which will also be covered in all local markets.  Dick Stockton (again pinch hitting for Joe Buck on World Series detail) and Troy Aikman on the call.  There is no Sunday Night game opposite Game 4 of the World Series, but ESPN will show football opposite Game 5 if necessary of the Indianapolis @ Tennessee variety.  As always, this info courtesy of and I will try to update if things change (Fox Pittsburgh changed their strategy last week and I apologize I did not update before travelling for the weekend).  Enjoy!


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