Pat McNicol

I haven’t blogged on this subject yet, because I’m frankly just not sure what to say.  A high school coach, he paid (allegedly) players $20 to make good plays, like being the first downfield to make a hit on kick coverage.  Are you kidding me???  How incredibly stupid does the man have to be to think that was a good idea?  I mean, really.  Now he has probably put the school in a position where OHSAA will make them forfeit their 2 wins over Linsly and John Marshall, he has put the 3 players that apparently accepted the cash in a terrible spot, kicked off the team.  And, lets face it; while the kids probably should’ve declined the money, how many out there when you were 16 years old would’ve definitely turned down the chance to make $20 to do something you were going to do anyway (in this case, make a tackle)?  But, by accepting that cash they may’ve ruined their amateur status.  And this coach thought it was a good idea?  And yet some are yelling at Preston Foster for ratting Coach out after he got booted from the team last week?  Personally, I applaud him and/or his family for bringing this seedy behavior to light, whatever their personal motivations were.  East Liverpool High School Administration and the community at large needed to know this information so we can excise this rotten behavior and try to move on. 

In closing, Buckeyenewshawk would just like to wish coach Al Johnson, the staff, and the remaining players best of luck this Friday in Salem.  Hang in there, boys!


2 Responses to “Pat McNicol”

  1. Lori Says:

    Yeah because we all know that giving someone a 20 is a lot more of a crime than attempted assault.

  2. buckeyenewshawk Says:

    Attempted assault? Was there an incident with someone connected with Potter athletics I am not aware of? I wouldn’t compare this to attempted assault. I would merely point out it is incredibly stupid for a high school coach to think he could do that, should do that, would get away with doing that. Of course its not as bad as physically harming someone.

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