Initial BCS Standings Released

I know it was yesterday, but better late than never.  Please find a link to the complete Top 25 BCS standings, including a breakdown of the 6 constituent computers:

I find it interesting to look at the computer standings.  The sum average has Penn St. 7th and Ohio St. 5th in the computers; despite losing to USC, and the two having the same number of losses, the Trojans are down at 10th.  LSU is 11th in both constituent human polls and T-19th in the computers.  Kansas is scored 14th (11 place points) in Billingsley and not ranked in the Top 25 at all in the other 5 polls.  Conversely, Billingsley has Pitt unranked when the other 5 have them no worse than 16th, and in most cases solidly better than that.  It can drive a college football fan crazy, that is for sure!


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