Semi Live Blogging The 3rd Presidential Debate

9:03pm: It took McCain about 3 seconds to invoke the name of Nancy Reagan (hospitalized with a fractured hip).

9:08pm: On to substance, McCain wastes little time bringing up taxes, spefically a plumber looking to buy the business.  Obama responds w/ tax cuts for wealthy in the McCain plan and his tax cut for 95% of the people in his plan, but dances around the specific notion of taxes for small business owners.

9:13pm: Why isn’t Obama bringing up McCain’s healthcare plan ending tax exemptions to rebut the “don’t raise taxes on anyone” plea?

9:18pm: McCain still wants a spending freeze.  Apparently not a proponent of priming the pump.

9:20pm: Obama makes the point that “earmarks” are a small portion of the federal budge.

9:23pm: Obama, “even Fox News disputes it” LOL!

9:27pm: McCain states he has repudiated every unfair comment made by surrogates?  Oh?

9:36pm: McCain invokes one of the great Republican myths of modern campaigns; vote fraud.  And he actually is still raising the ridiculous notion of Bill Ayers.

9:37pm: And Obama beats down the Ayers thing.  Its just an absurd issue.  Reverend Wright at least makes some sense.  Who cares about Bill Ayers?  For one thing, it was the ’60s; a lot of people vigorously protested things back then.

9:44pm: Sarah Palin is qualified to be President b/c she realizes autism is on the rise.  At least he didn’t mention being able to see Russia.

9:51pm: I wasn’t paying close attention . . . how did Obama get from foreign oil to NAFTA?

9:54pm: I don’t think Colombian and Peruvian free trade agreements will move the dials much.

9:56pm: McCain just managed to compare Obama to Herbert Hoover, saying he would raise taxes and restrict trade.  Kinda shoots the “he’s a liberal” argument, doesn’t it?

10:02pm: Sparring over health reform plans now.  And Obama invokes what I wanted him to invoke an hour ago, the McCain tax on health benefits.

10:07pm: McCain just said no litmus test for federal judge nominees.  Pat Robertson just kicked his TV.

10:11pm: Obama spins this topic (judges vis a vis Roe v Wade) to a recent pay equity case.  Nice play for women!

10:14pm: These two are managing to make even an abortion debate boring.

10:16pm: Did McCain just poo-poo “health of the mother” provisions?  Bad play for younger women.

10:30pm: Obama is giving his closing remarks right now.  I don’t think anything remarkable happened in tonight’s debate, which I guess is fine for Obama.  We’ll find out in 3 weeks.


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