If the NFL Playoffs Started Today

Still rather premature, but its useful for entertainment purposes.  The AFC picture would be:

1. Tennessee, 2. Buffalo, 3. Pittsburgh, 4. Denver, 5. Indianapolis, 6. New England

Also above .500: New York

At .500: Jacksonville, San Diego

One game back of #6 seed: Miami, Baltimore, Cleveland

Two games back of #6 seed: Houston, Oakland, Kansas City

Critical condition: Cincinnati


1. New York, 2. Tampa Bay, 3. Arizona, 4. Green Bay, 5. Washington, 6. Dallas/Carolina

Tied for 6th: Carolina/Dallas, Atlanta.

One game back of 6th (North teams tied for div lead): Philadelphia, Chicago, Minnesota, New Orleans

Two games back: San Francisco

2.5 games back: Seattle, St. Louis

Critical condition: Detroit


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