Wild Day in NFL

It was a day full of thrilling, and sometimes controversial, finishes across the National Football League.  Arizona almost was victim to a raw deal at the end of their game against Dallas.  The Cowboys completed a pass at the 40 yard line and scrambled up the field to clock the ball with 3 seconds.  In so doing, they trapped an injured Cardinal in the backfield.  The refs called offsides on the defense, which moved the ball a critical 5 yards to the 35 yard line.  Pete Morelli even called it an “injured” unabated to the quarterback player.  If he’s hurt, why not grant Arizona an injury timeout and no penalty?  Of course, if you do that, it might reset the clock higher and allow Dallas time to try a quick out route to get closer, but I think its what should’ve happened.  Then, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt screwed himself by calling timeout to ice the kicker; thing is the ball was snapped and Arizona had blocked the attempt.  On the redo, Dallas nailed the 52 yarder to force OT.  Arizon’a fortunes rotated, however, when Dallas was shut down on a 3 & out and the Cardinals blocked the punt for the winning touchdown.

That game probably wasn’t even the freakiest of the 5 games that had a game winning/tying score in the final 10 seconds.  Chicago @ Atlanta had 2 scores in the final 11 seconds.  After Jason Elam missed a very short kick with about 2:30 to allow Chicago to remain within 6 points, Kyle Orton led the Bears downfield and hit a TD pass with 11 seconds remaining to seemingly win the game 20-19.  The Bears squibbed the kickoff and the returner wasted a few seconds getting it to the 44 with 6 seconds left.  I would’ve thought all Atlanta could do was a hail mary pass.  However, they managed to complete an out route to the Chicago 31 in only 5 seconds on the game clock.  With one second remaining, Jasom Elam nailed the 49 yarder to win 22-20 in what could prove to be a critical game for both teams.

There were 3 other games that I either didn’t see or only saw the very end that also came down to the wire.  A quarterback draw on 4th & 2 from the 4 yard line and 7 seconds remaining got Houston in the win column over Miami.  St. Louis nailed a long field goal at the gun to somehow win at Washington.  Minnesota also got a field goal in the waning seconds to pull out a 12-10 win over hapless Detroit.  What a week in the NFL!  And, its only Week 6.


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