Potters Win Big Over John Marshall

26-0 was the final score at Monarch Field, thus spoiling JM’s Homecoming game.  It was a solid effort for the Potters, who were without starting tailback Preston Foster in uniform but on the bench the whole game (my understanding is it was disciplinary for missing Wednesday practice).  Potters had a nice 1st half drive for a score, and then scored again in the last minute when JM was inexplicably fooled by a Travis Coon halfback pass of about 40 yards (JM is winless for a reason, after all).  Potters scored in the 3rd quarter when a fake punt on 4th & 6 from just across midfield not only worked for the 1st down, it worked for a TD (again, JM is winless for a reason).  Potters had a TD drive in the 4th quarter when the JM defense seemed completely spent after the defense preserved the shutout with an interception on the goalline.  It seemed early in the game that John Marshall could have success with the short passing game, as the Potters employ a soft coverage pass defense scheme.  But the Monarchs got away from that and kept trying to run the ball and hit deep passes, both of which worked only sporadically.  I also have to wonder about the JM conditioning program, as there were roughly 4 injury stoppages in the last 15 minutes of the game because of leg cramps.  To be sure, it was a mild evening by mid-October standards, but temperatures by the end of the game were down around 60 degrees and cramping should not have been an issue.  At any rate, I’ll certainly take the win which improves the Potters to 2-6 on the season, with both wins being OVAC games.  Next week’s trip to Wheeling Island Stadium to take on Wheeling Park is not likely to be successfully, but the season ender at Reilly Stadium in Salem gives the Potters a good chance to end the season at 3-7.


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