BG Wins Wild One at Rubber Bowl

37-33 was the final score, as Bowling Green took a 27-14 deficit at the end of the 3rd quarter and rotated their fortunes.  The BG offense just couldn’t get going early on after missing a field goal on the game’s opening drive.  The Akron offense, however, was able to run the ball almost at will and took a lead of 14-0 and then again 21-7.  BG got a key TD late in the 2nd quarter, allowing them to only be down 7 at halftime when they should’ve been down much more.  Akron drove the 2nd half kickoff for a field goal, then got an interception around midfield on a pass deflected by Freddy Barnes; the run back got them in deep.  This is where the game turned, however.  Akron got a bit cute, running a reverse, and then on 3rd & short at the 3 tried a misdirection where the qb dropped the ball and had to fall on it.  BG drove after that, was forced to punt, but the defense got a key 3 & out and Akron punted it back.  BG got a first down to midfield as the quarter ended.

The 4th quarter started with BG quickly gaining those other 50 yards for the TD that made it 27-21.  Then the defense came up with an interception along the Akron sideline and ran the ball down to the 6 yard line.  On 2nd & goal Brandon pulled out the ultimate trick play; with Anthony Turner taking the direct snap he actually had him throw a forward pass instead of running.  Predictably, a tight end was wide open in the end zone and BG led 28-27.  The Zips still had fight in them as they promptly drove back down the field and scored a TD to go up 33-28 (the try for 2 failed when the qb did not properly lead his receiver and he was tackled at the 1).  BG drove the field to reclaim the lead and also had a 2 point try fail to leave it at 34-33; the tackle eligible play worked except he ran with the ball like a tackle and the pursuit caught up.  Akron got one first down before being faced with a 4th & 11 in their own territory, still holding 3 timeouts and with over 3 minutes remaining.  They went for it, and the Akron receiver was ruled out of bounds on the catch.  BG did not move the ball much, but did bleed a couple Akron timeouts and kicked a field goal to go up by the final score.  Akron was able to drive the ball to the BG 35, facing 4th down with 15 seconds left they threw incomplete and the game was over.

So BG improves to 3-3, 1-1 in the MAC and has a key home game next Saturday with Miami who lost today to Northern Illinois.  The East is still anyone’s guess and BG got a key win today.  Forward Falcons!


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