NFL Coverage Maps for East Liverpool Area for Week 6

All local stations scheduled to show a 1pm game on CBS.  Pittsburgh and Youngstown to carry the featured game of Baltimore @ Indianapolis with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on the call.  Wheeling, however, is scheduled to do Cincinnati @ NY Jets with Dick Enberg, Randy Cross, and Dan Fouts.  Fox in the 1pm window is also split.  Again Pittsburgh and Youngtown are on the same page, scheduled to show Chicago @ Atlanta with Thom Brenneman and Brian Billick.  Wheeling however plans to show St. Louis @ Washington with Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa.  All Fox affiliates locally are on the same page for the doubleheader game, planning to show Dallas @ Arizona with Dick Stockton (pinch hitting for Joe Buck on playoff baseball assignment) and Troy Aikman.  The Sunday Night game on NBC is New England @ San Diego and the Monday Night game on ESPN is NY Giants @ Cleveland.  As always, this info is courtesy of and enjoy the games!

As a brief aside, I can remember when Fox Pittsburgh always showed the Philadelphia game when the Eagles were on Fox in a timeslot Fox 53 was showing a game.  And when showing a game and the Eagles aren’t available, they showed the Redskins.  Which made sense giving they reach into the periphery of the Eagles fanbase towards the mountains and the Redskins fanbase in western Maryland.  Certainly more Redskins fans in their viewing area than Bears or Falcons fans.  But no big deal to me; I generally watch football either way.


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