2nd Debate Semi Live Blog

10:35pm: Topsheet analysis . . . It was a draw.  Nothing remarkable came out of this debate.  No silver bullet sound bites, no Jerry Ford-sized gaffes.  I doubt it moves the needle in either direction.

10:34pm: McCain closing by invoking his record of public service.  Logical.

10:32pm: Soaring rhetoric from Obama on the American Dream.  Not a bad way to close.

10:28pm: I didn’t think there was much chance either guy would point out Iran having a nuke would just balance out Israel having nukes.  And I was correct.

10:26pm: McCain trying to get mileage out of Obama being willing to negotiate with Iran.  Of course, Nixon went to China.

10:24pm: Rather lengthy yes/no answers on Russia being the Evil Empire.  Of course, the answer is negative; that’s what the New York Yankees are.

10:22pm: Obama wants to anticipate upcoming issues (speaking specifically on handling Russia).  Good luck with that!

10:15pm: McCain shouldn’t guarantee getting bin Laden.  Bush hasn’t been able to.

10:14pm: Ah, yes, the “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” joke.  I thought it was funny at the time.  McCain was making a joke.  I wouldn’t sweat it too much as an example of lacking in soberness.

10:10pm: Senator Obama talking about Pakistan.  I would prefer he say that if we have bin Laden in sight that we don’t even consider Pakistan, whether they are willing to go get him or not.  Just go get him ourselves and explain it later.

10:06pm: Senator Obama would not have brought our troops home [from Iraq] in defeat.  They would not have been there to begin with, John.

10:02pm: Obama hitting hard on McCain and Iraq.  Its good to prove his foreign policy bona fides, but the past couple weeks probably guarantees this election is not about Iraq.

9:56pm: Thank you Barack for picking “right” on what health care should be.  That is absolutely correct.  We can argue over the minutiae ad naseum, but everyone should have access to health care.

9:51pm: Am I the only one whose eyes glaze over when they start talking about health care?

9:49pm: McCain = Drill!  Drill! Drill!

9:45pm: Obama tying going green with job creation.  Frankly, I don’t know why you need economic benefits to sell going green.  Just sell the concept of not dying as a reason to go greener.

9:44pm: I agree wholeheartedly w/ McCain on nuclear power.  Its very clean (assuming you avoid a Chernobyl).

9:41pm: Social Security wouldn’t be that hard to fix?  3rd rail of American politics?  Also, Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan fought each other tooth and nail most of the time.

9:38pm: I hate debate rules.  Obama just got cut off there, but I hate them generally.  One of these years they need to have one where they just let the candidates talk completely free-flowing (save maybe a limit on the amount of continuous talking by one person).  Just have a moderator to suggest a new topic when discussion peters out and to make sure no one starts whacking the other guy with a folding chair.  I bet ratings would be better too.

9:35pm: Left the computer for a few, but I’m back now.  McCain asserting Obama would raise taxes.  He probably would raise some taxes, but not to the broad extent McCain makes it sound.  Doubling the child tax credit will help a lot of people (but not me).

9:25pm: Working w/ Joe Lieberman does not exactly constitute “reaching across the aisle, John.  That would be kinda like a Democrat working with Lincoln Chafee.

9:23pm: Brokaw trying to enforce the rules of the length of response time.  Good luck with that.

9:22pm: Took McCain roughly 20 minutes to hurl the word “liberal” at Obama.  Now criticizing Obama for voting for earmarks.  Of course, there was well-publicized pork items in the bailout bill McCain voted for, but that is apparently neither here nor there.

9:20pm: Nice to hear Obama point out how reckless with the federal budget the Republicans have been.

9:16pm: Obama can’t admit the economy will get much worse before it gets better.  It would trash confidence in the economy and in him.  But it will get worse.  For the same reasons McCain is now saying it won’t get worse if we do the right things now.

9:15pm: Obama doing a good job explaining why the credit freeze affects Joe Average and hitting McCain for deregulation.

9:12pm: Mac just volunarily invoked that hokey campaign suspension he did.  Not sure why.

9:11pm: McCain did well to not suggest Phil Gramm would be a good Secretary of Treasury.  Obama danced on it a bit other than suggesting Warren Buffett, I think he should ask Henry Paulson to stay on for awhile to manage the bailout.


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