Tony Gets Controversial Win at Talledega

Bound to be controversy anytime NASCAR scores as the race winner someone other than the person whose car crosses the finish line first.  And, quite frankly, they blew this call.  The rules prohibit going below the yellow line to pass.  And Ragan Smith most definitely did go down on the apron during the last lap yesterday.  However, the rules permit that if the driver is forced down onto the apron by other traffic.  And that is exactly what happened.  He went to pass and Stewart cut him off.  Smith could either check up hard, potentially causing a big wreck like the one that was seen with 14 laps to go that forced a red flag, or let Stewart hit him, which is definitely a wreck that would’ve likely caused some of the cars behind them to get caught in the wash as well.  Or he could go down into the apron.  Which is what he did.  He came back across the line onto the race track as soon as Stewart let him, and he nosed the 20 car out at the checkered flag.  But NASCAR decided to deem that an illegal pass, Smith was scored in 18th place behind all other cars on the lead lap, and Stewart motored into Victory Lane.


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