Oak Glen Claims Battle of the Bridges

26-20 was the final score at Patterson Field.  The Potters scored on a long drive to open the 2nd half to claim a 20-13 lead, but Oak Glen came right back down the field to tie it.  The held the Potters to a 4th & 4 at the 44 yard line with less than 6 minutes remaining and the Potters burned their 2nd timeout just to come to the correct decision to punt.  However, the Bears ripped off a long run that set up the go ahead TD (the PAT hit the crossbar) with about 4 minutes remaining.  A Leavall run and personal foul penalty quickly got the ball down to the Oak Glen 24 and the Potters got another 1st down at the 11, then had 4th down at the 2 yard line as the clocked moved under one minute.  Coach McNicol did not use the last timeout to set a play, choosing instead to go normal tempo and the run up the middle got stuffed by the Oak Glen defense.  Oh well, at least it was an entertaining game.  It is Oak Glen’s first win in this matchup since 1995.  Potters drop to 1-6 and start a 3 game road trip at John Marshall (WV) next Friday evening.  The trip to Moundsville will be the longest of the season for the Potters.


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