McCain Gives Up On Michigan

In what I frankly find to be a surprising move, John McCain is going dark in Michigan; no TV, no mail, at least in the short term no campaign stops.  He’s ceded that ground to the Obama campaign.  To be sure, Michigan is probably less likely to swing red than, say, Pennsylvania, but its still what I would call a competitive state.  An uphill battle for McCain as I make the assumption that Obama will be able to crush in Detroit and Flint, but there are a lot of Republican friendly areas in the thumb, the U.P., and the western part of the state.  I can only assume this means that McCain is short on cash, so short he cannot afford to fight for competitive states, let alone take flyers and feigns to get Obama to waste time playing defense.  Rather, McCain is playing defense and focusing more solely on holding serve in Bush states like Florida and Ohio and only fighting in a narrow list of new territory, like Pennsylvania.  Frankly, it makes winning harder for him.  To be sure, this sort of tactical decision is where campaign managers earn their pay, but unless he is really short on cash this one doesn’t make much sense.

Of course, just because he stopped campaigning there doesn’t mean he will lose there.  Sometimes a candidates fortunes improve when they leave the scene.


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