Its October!

Which means Major League Baseball has hit the postseason.  This first week is the best, as you have 2-3 games a lot of days, and perhaps 4 games on Sunday.  Here is how Buckeyenewshawk sees the League Championship Series playing out.

Milwaukee v Philadelphia: The Phillies have already won Game 1 as I type, but I am going to stick with my thinking that the Brewers win this series in spite of that and the loss of Ben Sheets, thus putting the kybosh on their plan of Sabathia & Sheets & pray for sleet.  Essentially, I figure the Brewers win Game 2 behind CC Sabathia, get at least one game at home, and if it gets to Game 5 they have Sabathia again.  Unless of course karma gets them for firing their manager with 2 weeks left in the season.

Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles v Chicago Cubs:  Cubs lead Game 1 2-0 early on as I type.  I have a hard time not seeing the Cubs winning this series.  They are just all-around a better team than the Dodgers.  Joe Torre is a good manager, and was a good player at one point in time, but he isn’t playing now.

Boston v Anaheim Angels of Anaheim: Josh Beckett being pushed back to Game 3 (if then) is a serious blow to the Red Sox, for it means he will only get one start (if that) in this series, which the schedule drags out more than any other series in this round.  Having the lead after 7 innings figures to be critical in this one with two of the best closers in the game in Papelbon and K-Rod at the back end.  In the end, the Angels won 100 games this season for a reason, they are healthy and the Sox aren’t.  I’ll favor Anaheim here.

Chicago White Sox v Tampa: The Rays are the real x-factor in this postseason, as their roster completely lacks postseason experience.  Do they play nervous and tight, or loose and relaxed?  That is always to an extent a question with every team, but much moreso with the Rays.  My hunch feeling is the South Siders pull this one out, as guys like Thome and Griffey take one more stab at glory.  I don’t really have a logical reason for this pick, just a hunch.

Bottom line: Look for a Cubs v Angels World Series with Chicago winning it all in a potential harbinger of the coming Apocalypse.  ’08 years are good for the North Siders.


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