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Michelle Malkin Thinks Obama Voters Will Riot

October 31, 2008

Actual post and commentary here:

Why anyone reads and believes the angry screeds of that self-loathing anchor baby of a far right wing whack job is beyond me.  She seems to have genuine hate for everyone that doesn’t travel in her close orbit and acts like everyone else is trying to actively destroy the country.  The rest of us were just mildly relieved to wake up Thursday morning and hear the City of Philadelphia is still there and then moved on with our lives.


Your Friday Night Paul Krugman Blogging

October 31, 2008

I think what he’s trying to say, using fancy macroeconomic terms, is that we’re all basically ****ed right now.

Vote Suppression & Voter Fraud in Ohio

October 30, 2008

Article focuses on the Cleveland area and the voter registration battles being waged:

Personally, I am more worried about the thought of keeping a legitimate voter off the rolls than letting an illegitimate voter on the rolls.  What are the odds that one 19 year old actually votes 80 times?  We should err on the side of making sure we do not disenfranchise voters.  There are things in this country more dangerous than ACORN.

One Person’s Journey Back to Bucks County

October 30, 2008

Interesting 3 page article on one ex-pat’s weekend back home in exurban Philadelphia:

McCain Coming to Columbiana County

October 29, 2008

He will have a rally in the gym of United Local High School Friday morning.  Doors open at 8am with McCain slated to speak around 11am.  For those interested in attending, ULHS is located on St. Rte 9 between Hanoverton and New Garden in western Columbiana County.  Tickets required for entry and are available free of charge from county Republican headquarters in Lisbon and a couple other locations.

Philadelphia Freedom

October 29, 2008

Congratulations to the Phillies, 2008 World Series champions.  On the anniversary of William Penn landing in Pennsylvania and two days after the game started, the Phillies win Game 5 to claim the series 4 games to 1 over Tampa and end the supposed curse of William Penn (I would argue Philly teams had played teams better than them the past 25 years in title games).  Nice to see Charlie Manuel get to the top; I don’t think there are many nicer people out there.  Cole Hamels, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Brad Lidge, et al peaked at the right time, plowing through Milwaukee, LA, and Tampa to grab the trophy and, for what it is worth, show they know how to play ball in the National League too.  Cue the Rocky music!

Also, nice to have a World Series game end at a reasonable hour.  I guess it takes starting with the bottom of the 6th inning to achieve that.

Obama & McCain Would Add to National Debt

October 29, 2008

I don’t think that headline comes as a galloping shock to anyone that has pondered their budget and tax proposals and done math in their head:

And, frankly, this is not an unusual thing.  Candidate promise things like new/expanded government programs and tax cuts targeted to their supporters because they like getting votes.  Then they get in office and at least hopefully govern more responsibly, either by choice or because Congress stymies their plans.  One assumes that’ll happen this time as well.

NFL Coverage Maps for Pittsburgh/Youngstown/Wheeling Area for Week 9

October 28, 2008

There is no variation between those 3 markets this coming weekend.  All 3 CBS affiliates will show Baltimore @ Cleveland 1pm with Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon on the call.  Fox at 1pm will have Green Bay @ Tennessee with Kenny Albert, Moose, and Goose (note the blackout in Cleveland opposite the Browns being at home does not affect the Youngstown secondary market; in Cleveland Fox comes on air at 4pm with the end of a 1pm game).  Fox has the doubleheader game again this Sunday with all area markets getting the featured game of Dallas @ NY Giants with Joe Buck (assuming the World Series is not delayed further) and Troy Aikman.  Sunday Night football sees John Madden get back in the saddle alongside Al Michaels for the traditional midseason New England @ Indianapolis game and Monday Night Football is Pittsburgh @ Washington.  As always, info subject to change, courtesy of, and enjoy the games!

*Authors note: While this column has traditionally been written on Tuesday nights, it will almost certainly be delayed next week as Buckeyenewshawk will be in Election Night mode.  This information should be posted by Wednesday or Thursday evening next week.*

Updated World Series Schedule

October 28, 2008

Foul weather prohibited the Ray and Phillies from concluding Game 5 tonight in Philadelphia.  Major League Baseball has announced that it will now try to conclude Game 5 in what was originally to be the Game 6 timeslot, Wednesday at 8:37pm EDT.  This time is about 9 minutes later than it would otherwise have been due to the half hour of primetime airtime purchased by the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama.  While I have not seen an official press release on this point, I assume that if the Rays win Game 6 will be played in the exact slot planned for Game 7 on Thursday night, and should a Game 7 be necessary it will be Friday (Halloween) night at the usual 8:20pm or so start time.

There is a certain amount of criticism being leveled against Commissioner Selig and MLB for how last night’s action was handled.  Personally, I feel that criticism unwarranted.  What else could they do?  No sense baying at the moon; rain happens, and it did last night in Philadelphia.  They couldn’t postpone the game at the start when it was cool and not raining.  If it turns out the rains holds off until the wee hours of the morning, they would be rightly excoriated for upsetting the planned schedule for no reason.  And, the weather forecasts they had were that the weather would not suck that much in the pre-midnight game window.  Others have suggested the start time should have been moved up.  They do this all the time in golf tournaments, after all.  Nonsense.  Golf tournaments do sometimes condense their schedule forward, starting at dawn, using both tees, using 3-somes, and with TV coverage on tape delay in order to either beat weather or get as much play in as possible before the weather.  Please note, however, that they don’t do that for the US Open, they do it for the Greater Bemidji Open.  CBS does not pay as much for the Greater Bemidji Open as Fox does for the World Series.  Also, golf fans know they hold a day long pass to the golf course grounds, that action will start sometime shortly after dawn in most cases, and that they can be there until play is over for the day.  Baseball fans assume the game will start no sooner than the time printed on their tickets and listed in the morning paper.  Buckeyenewshawk thinks World Series games should be scheduled to start sooner than they are, but that is a different subject entirely.  Starting a World Series game 2 hours sooner just to get it played in front of weather that, again, was forecast to not be bad until after midnight, just is not practical.  MLB did nothing wrong here, circumstances were beyond their control, they did and are doing what they can.  The weather will clear, the game will be finished, all will be fine.

How the NFL Stands After Week 8

October 28, 2008

We are nearing the halfway point, with 24 teams having played 7 games and 8 teams playing 8 games to date.  At this point the only race that appears almost decided is the AFC South, were Tennessee holds a 4 game lead on the other 3 teams after last night’s comeback win against the Colts.  Every other division shows a spread of one game or less in the win column between at least 2 teams, and plenty of teams are still solidly in playoff contention.  Anyhow, here is the breakdown, starting in the AFC:

1. Tennessee 2. Pittsburgh, 3. New England, 4. Denver. 5. Buffalo, 6. Baltimore (4-3)

Tied for 6th: New York

One game behind 6th: Miami, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Houston

1.5 games behind 6th (and 1.5 game out in division): San Diego

2 games behind 6th: Oakland

Need to win out: Kansas City

Planning for 2009: Cincinnati

And in the NFC:

1. New York, 2. Carolina, 3. Arizona/Green Bay, 4. Green Bay/Arizona, 5. Washington, 6. Dallas (5-3)

Tied for 6th: Tampa Bay

0.5 game back of 6th: Philadelphia, Chicago (tied for division lead), Atlanta

1 game back of 6th: New Orleans

1.5 games back of 6th: Minnesota (one game back in own division)

2.5 games back of 6th: Seattle, St. Louis (both 2 back in own division)

Need to win out: San Francisco

Planning for 2009: Detroit

Obviously, a very fluid situation with plenty of football left to play.  For example Dallas is scored ahead of Tampa due to head-to-head.  But if more than them were tied at the same record, it would go to conference record where Tampa is currently better.  Which is part of what can make playoff scenarios in late December entertaining.

*Author’s note: While this subject is becoming a Tuesday evening tradition, readers should not expect this column to appear on Tuesday next week as Buckeyenewshawk will be in Election Central mode.  This column and the related coverage map column will not appear next week until Wednesday or Thursday.*