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TBS Announcer Pairings for League Division Series

September 29, 2008

Information courtesy of awful announcing:

Also imbedded in there is the game schedule for the first couple days.  I’m sure Red Sox Nation will not like that late night start Wednesday, but given that TBS prefers (understandably) to have a game that is west coast primetime as opposed to early afternoon east coast time, it makes sense, as Anaheim is the only host out West for Games 1 & 2.  As I type it looks like the White Sox will beat the Tigers today, meaning the Tuesday playoff with the Twins will be necessary.  The eventual winner does catch a bit of a break in that theirs is the series that does not start until Thursday.  Let October begin!


The Week that Was for Obama & McCain

September 28, 2008

Twin articles profiling how Obama and McCain handled the past several days, the bailout plan discussions, McCain’s temporary “suspension” of his campaign, and etc.

I don’t know how any senior staffer makes it through one of these campaigns without having a heart attack.  I just don’t.

Ballot Measure Aims to Wreck Massachusettes Government

September 28, 2008

By seeking to completely eliminate the state income tax, currently at 5.3%

Cutting government waste is a noble, if quixotic, goal.  But I don’t think a state government can recoup $12.5B in lost revenue by cutting waste.  What they’ll have to do is hike property, sales, and other taxes to compensate.  So it won’t get the Massachusettes taxpayer anywhere, and will almost certainly end up hurting some segments of the population, like landowners or retail-based business owners and employees.  The income tax spreads the pain across all wage-earners in the state.

Two Races Come Down to Sunday (and Maybe Beyond)

September 27, 2008

Major League Baseball will have 4 important games on Sunday as two playoff spots are left to be filled; the National League wildcard and the American League Central.  As a result of Saturday’s win the Phillies clinched the NL East.  However, the Mets win coupled with a Brewers loss means those 2 are flat tied in the wildcard race with one game left.  I would have to say the advantage is with Milwaukee as the Brewers have Sabathia pitching (on short rest admittedly) and I believe I saw a headline that the Cubs have scratched Zambrano from the lineup.  And frankly, I see no reason to send him out there.  If they want him to get work in before Game 2 of their NLDS he can just as easily toss 50 or 60 pitches in a bullpen session.  As for the Mets, the fate of their season rests in the hands of Oliver Perez as they take on the Florida Marlins in a scenario eerily similar to the end of last season.

In the American League Central race the Twins still have the 0.5 game lead they had two days ago after both they and the White Sox have lost the first two games of their series with the Royals and Indians respectively.  The White Sox catch a big break Sunday as Cliff Lee will not be taking the ball for Cleveland due to a stiff neck.  Continuing the theme of Pirates cast-offs, the Indians will start Brian Bullington.  Which is to say, Chicago hitters should see a lot of the Indians bullpen.  Unless the ChiSox lose and the Twins win, giving Minnesota a clear lead, the White Sox will then play a makeup game with Detroit on Monday.  If things work out to a flat tie (either the White Sox go 2-0 and the Twins 1-0 or Chicago goes 1-1 and the Twins 0-1), they will play a playoff game on Tuesday for the right to take on the surprising Tampa Rays in the ALDS.  Red Sox and Angels will be the other series.  National League pairings are still fluid as the wildcard cannot play the winner of their own division in the 1st round.  If the Mets are the wildcard they play the Cubs and the Dodgers play the Phillies.  If the Brewers are the wildcard they play the Phillies and the Dodgers play the Cubs (one would hope no hats get stolen in the Dodgers bullpen).

And, a final thought on the Indians: by winning tonight, they clinch at least a .500 season and would end up 82-80 if they could manage to win the Bullington v Buerle matchup Sunday afternoon.  Which is remarkable after where that team was a couple months ago.  Also ironic if they end up derailing the White Sox playoff hopes after Chicago did it to them the final weekend of the 2006 season at Jacobs Field.

Gophers No Match for Buckeyes

September 27, 2008

Ohio State claims their Big Ten opener with a 34-21 win over Minnesota at The ‘Shoe.  Game was frankly not that close as OSU had a 34-6 lead early in the 4th quarter before the Gophers got a couple late scores against a disinterested Buckeye defense.  Terrelle Pryor had another solid game behind center running and throwing the ball, and the offense also got a nice lift having Beanie back.  Next up for the Bucks is what figures to be a much harder test at Wisconsin in primetime.  Will be interesting to see how the Badgers bounce back after blowing a 19-0 halftime lead at Michigan to lose 27-25.  And, not just allowing the huge comeback, but to lose it in the end when the tying 2 point conversion was called back because the flanker covered a tight end that went out on a pass route, then the qb misses a wide open receiver in the back of the end zone when they had to go for 2 again from the 8 yard line.  That’s rough.  That could be tough to bounce back from.  Or Wisconsin could come out angry and desperate knowing they can’t open conference play 0-2.

A couple other big results around college football today as Florida takes a shocking home loss at the hands of Ole Miss, and Georgia is currently getting manhandled by Alabama.  Looks like the balance of power in the SEC has shifted westward.  Coupled with USC’s loss Thursday night and there will be some definite re-ordering in the polls this coming week.

Also, is anyone else having problems with the Big Ten Network, and I don’t mean the fact that as a football announcer Thom Brennaman should stick to baseball?  I have been noticing all season the broadcast has frequent freezes and glitches (usually when a pass is in midair of course).  Its frequent enough and occurring every week to be rather annoying.

We Win!

September 26, 2008

Potters get their first win since beating Salem to conclude the 2006 season by beating visiting Linsly Academy Cadets 14-12 (OT) at Patterson Field.  Both teams scored 6 points in regulation; Linsly a TD in the 2nd quarter and the Potters early in the 4th quarter off of a Linsly fumble on their 10 yard line after they had made a defensive stand on the 5 yard line after the Potters had the ball the first almost 11 minutes of the 3rd quarter in a driving rainstorm.  Linsly drove the ball at the end of the 4th quarter but had 26 or so yard field goal blocked with about 20 seconds left.  Linsly got the ball first in OT and moved close on a fake reverse, then pounded the ball in.  They again had the PAT blocked.  The Potter drive appeared to be stalling, but on 3rd & 8 Travis Coon rolled out right with the ball and threw back across the field to quarterback Willie Leavell who ran the ball into the end zone.  Linsly took a dead ball personal foul (I didn’t see what happened) and the Potters elected to go for 2 even though a PAT would’ve won the game.  I guess Coach McNicol thought a run from the 1 yard line was more likely to work on the muddy field than a kick from placement.  Fullback barely got in, but get in he did.  Predictably the Potters players celebrated and rang the victory bell with much vigor.

I’m not sure how many wins the Potters can get this year.  The same weaknesses were still there, but Linsly is nothing special.  But they’ve got at least one, and that’s something.  Next week will be Senior Night at Patterson Field as cross-river rival Oak Glen pays a visit.

On a side note, tonight was Homecoming, but I honestly couldn’t tell you who got crowned queen.  The PA system was not functional, and I did not personally recognize the winner.

The Bush Plan

September 24, 2008

About 30 seconds ago President Bush concluded his remarks to the American people.  I thought they were solid remarks.  Bottom line is, some sort of government bailout probably is necessary at this point.  The federal government can offer a base level of stability that private institutions cannot.  The devil will be in the details, and whether or not we can achieve meaningful and useful reform moving forward are big question marks.  And I don’t care to wade into minutiae, as I’m not an economist.  But we need to do something.

On a more flip note, was I the only observer that round the red tie interesting?  I spent the whole 13 minutes thinking red tie for red ink.  Oh well; I’m probably crazy.

It’s Official

September 24, 2008

With the Red Sox win Tuesday night, it became official that, for the 1st time since 1993, neither the Pirates nor the Yankees will appear in the postseason.

Seriously, only the 2nd time since 1989 that fact is true.

McCain Campaign Takes Leave of Its Senses

September 24, 2008

Suspend the campaign?  Postpone the 1st debate?  Because Congress is debating how to repair the damage made by 7.5 years of Bushonomics?  As if lying through his teeth in negative campaign ads weren’t enough, now he has to turn himself into a complete freakin’ douchebag?  This whole gambit is so obviously phony, and I hope the American voters recognize that as well.  McCain and Obama have both missed a ton of votes in the Senate while running for President.  But there is no danger of them missing this one.  Senate leadership will make sure both of them have made it back to Washington for this one.  Indeed, no one in the Senate will order a ham sandwich, let alone cast a vote on such an important strategy, before knowing how their party’s standard bearer is voting.  And postponing the debate?  That makes no sense.  Lobbying to flip the order and make this the domestic policy debate so he and Obama can discuss the situation with the financial industry would make a great deal of sense.  But postponing the debate so they can sit in the Senate chamber and listen to other people bloviate?  Frankly, I am tempted to agree with something my friend Nick told me privately; that McCain’s real ploy is to try to get the Veep debate cancelled outright by postponing the 1st debate into the Veep debate timeslot.  My understanding is Obama plans to go to the debate site Friday, and whether McCain shows up or not is his call.  Good, and I hope the Debate Commission calls McCain’s bluff also.  Him and Palin are trying to weanie out so they don’t get crushed on the merits.

For more thoughts on the the bailout plan itself wrt McCain, you can read this article by Garrison Keillor:

PETA’s Next Target? Ben & Jerry’s?

September 23, 2008

They want Ben & Jerry’s to start using human breast milk in their ice cream.  Seriously:

Perhaps the people at PETA should ask themselves just how far have we wandered from the reservation that we are suggesting Ben & Jerry’s needs to be more left-leaning?  I mean, seriously.